Counseling in export law

t a i l o r  m a d e

Foreign trade law| Export Law| Criminal Law



With many years of experience, we evaluate your company organisation export-legally. This allows risks to be identified and your business processes to be optimised .

Export control

We are available to you as export consultants and experts. Both for individual deliveries and on an ongoing basis, we advise your company on German and European export law.


We are available to your employees for in-house training. As university lecturers and lecturers at the IHK and VWA you can implement our know-how directly in the everyday work.

Criminal defence

In the event of an investigation by the customs authorities, we will assist you with experienced defence lawyers. Criminal export law is a specialised area that requires a great deal of experience.

Contact to the law office:

Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

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Telefon: +49 (0)721 85 140 840

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