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Carlo Levi

Selected export cases from our practice

Information Technology

  1. Relocation of the server of a medium-sized mechanical engineering company (dual use and military goods) from Germany to the USA
  2. Storage technology (SSD) with encryption technology (also US re-export)


  1. Encryption technology in measuring devices
  2. Encryption technology in industrial plants


  1. Export issues in cloud solutions
  2. Encryption technology in industrial software
  3. Export of listed software to risk countries

Medical Devices

  1. Medical technology to Iran (US sanctions)
  2. Medical disposables to Russia

Technical goods

  1. Export of hot isostatic presses to Russia (export penalty proceedings)
  2. steel pipes to Dubai (EUC Iran – Iran sanctions of the EU and the USA at that time)
  3. Pressure vessel to China (possible military use)


  1. Filtering equipment to Libya (possible use in petroleum technology)

Marine Technology

  1. Equipment for the production of diving robots (possible use in Russian oil exploration)


  1. Accelerometer and airborne altimeter from the USA in German aircraft

Defence equipment

  1. Wiring harnesses for military vehicles
  2. Cylinder heads (possible military specifications, at the same time Russia embargo)

Export control training

Prof. Dr. Schindler is regularly invited to company-internal trainings in export control. The seminars are individually oriented to

  • the size and structure of the company and its subsidiaries
  • the management structure
  • the goods and services of the company
  • the possible critical end use of the goods
  • the customer structure
  • the relations to business partners and banks

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